How to Get Rid of Herons

You might consider yourself to be a champion fisherman, but the blue heron takes the art of the catch to a new level. These majestic, long-necked, long-legged water predators are patient hunters. They stand completely still, waiting for their prey to come near. Then, with one swift motion, they snatch their dinner and swallow it whole, without even stopping to add some tartar sauce!

If you have a pond in your backyard or anywhere on your property, you could be the victim of a hungry heron. They are usually found in lowland areas, preferring to feed on the margins of lakes, rivers, swamps, ponds and the sea. In addition to fish, favorite heron cuisine includes reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic insects. Herons will usually feed alone, but even one bird can quickly deplete the aquatic population of your pond. You’ll need to know how to get rid of a blue heron before it gets rid of all your fish!

How to Deter Herons: Helpful Heron Repellent Tips

One way to try to get rid of herons is to create a homemade heron repellent. One possibility is to hang shiny objects like pie tins from trees near your pond, in the hope that the sun reflection will frighten the birds. Unfortunately, herons enjoy fishing at night as well as during the day, so this method may only work some of the time, if at all. Another method is to simply keep netting over the pond.

How to Get Rid of a Heron with a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

But if you really want to keep herons out of a garden or pond and stop them from feasting on your fish, try using a motion-activated sprinkler device such as Havahart® Spray AwayTM to repel the birds. The device’s built-in infrared sensor detects an approaching heron, then unleashes a startling burst of water up to 35 feet that frightens the birds away. Havahart Spray Away® provides around-the-clock protection against herons, and it does not harm the birds in any way.

If You Learn How to Deter Herons, Your Fish Will Love You Again!

Now that you know how to get rid of herons, you can keep the fish population in your pond intact. That sound you just heard was your fish breathing a collective sigh of relief!

Image: Sheffield Tiger

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  • ella

    i like herons, but they are anoying when it comes to ponds. i like this website thank you for the info.

    • 3:10 am - April 21, 2012

    • Reply
    • Havahart®

      Hi Ella,

      We agree – herons are beautiful birds, but can be a large nuisance for home owners who have ponds!

      Thank you for your comment!

      ~Your Friends at Havahart®

      • 9:18 am - April 23, 2012

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  • rtan

    I have a heron which doesn’t seem to fly , but is driving me mad as he wont stay away have fish my late husband brought and would love to safe them

    • 6:33 am - August 10, 2014

    • Reply
    • Havahart®

      Thank you for your question! For a heron, we recommend our HAvahart® Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0! Using infrared technology, Spray Away senses an animal’s heat and movement up to 35 feet away. When an animal is detected, Spray Away’s sprinkler releases a sudden burst of water combined with startling noise and motion that safely and effectively repels a wide range of animals. You can also adjust the sensor depending on which animals you want to repel – so in this case, a heron! You can learn more about the Spray Away® here! Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

      • 10:42 am - August 11, 2014

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  • RosGerl

    Lay fish netting over the pond’s surface, and secure all sides of the netting with heavy rocks. Although using pond netting is not the most aesthetically pleasing way to get rid of herons, it makes accessing koi swimming underneath the netting virtually impossible for the birds.

    • 2:53 am - January 20, 2016

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