How to Get Rid of Cats

I am – and have always been – a cat lover. I have two cats named Jupiter and Tora. What I don’t love is looking out my back patio to see stray cats, especially when they look unhealthy. Even though my inside cats rarely go outside, it happens and the last thing I want to happen is Jupiter or Tora picking up a nasty disease from a stray cat.

Like any other nuisance animal, unwanted cats can make incredible pests of themselves, and since they breed fairly quickly, their numbers can increase fast unless you make it a priority to get rid of cats.

Get Rid of Cats with These Tips

If you have an unwanted cat roaming on your property, you can trap it and take it to your local human society. Because feral cats are not tame, and can be dangerous, it is best to do this using a live trap. One effective trap is the Havahart® Large 2-Door Easy Set® Trap. Before you set the trap, keep these handy tips in mind:

• Check with the humane society or animal control centers in your area: Make sure you are allowed by law to trap a cat and that the humane society will in fact take the cat.

• Get the right trap: It should be a live trap that you can easily set and release. Ensure the inside of the trap has smooth edges and the release mechanism is located on the outside of the trap, far from the animal’s reach.

• Set it in the right spot: You’ll want to put the trap in the same general area as where you’re finding destruction or seeing the cat. Make sure the spot isn’t in direct sun and is on firm ground.

• Make the trap enticing: A metal cage isn’t enticing to a cat. You’ll want to make it more hospitable by covering it, either with burlap or brush.

• Bait the trap with the best baits: Cats love fish and canned cat food. Put the bait in and smear it on and around the trap. The hungry cat will find it irresistible, entering the trap to continue eating.

• Check the trap frequently: Check the trap every four hours and keep to that schedule. Just because you don’t get any action the first day doesn’t mean in the next four hours you won’t. It takes some time for cats to become comfortable with the trap.

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  • Bonnie Wilson

    Always thought of havaheart as humane way to trap feral cats. When you write “get rid of cats” you should mention that animal control will euthanize these cats because they are unadoptable. You should also mention alternatives to “getting rid of feral cats” such as motion sensor sprinkler and trap neuter return to avoid unwanted litters and allowing the feral cat to live.

    • 10:28 am - October 24, 2015

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