Great Tips Thanks to Deer Repellent Reviews

If you’ve got deer running amuck in your yard, you may have gone online to see how you can stop them from roaming – and destroying – your property. If you’ve really done your homework, you already read deer repellent reviews to try to figure out the best solutions for your deer woes.

But don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to check out deer repellent reviews because this post offers up some of the best tips from frustrated homeowners just like you.

• Deer are frightened of smelly eggs: Sounds a little ridiculous, right? Well, actually, it’s a proven fact that deer instinctively flee from the smell of putrescent eggs. This smell mimics the odor of decaying animals. When a deer smells that, their instincts tell them to run away as a predator may be near.

• Deer don’t enjoy spicy foods: Deer will eat just about anything, even supposedly deer proof plants. But what they won’t eat is spicy plants. That’s why homemade recipes call for hot sauce or red pepper. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in peppers, causes irritation. So does garlic, which is why the two of these ingredients together will stop a deer in its tracks.

• Deer will go UNDER fencing: While it’s common knowledge that deer can jump quite high, in fact, over 6 feet, deer are also adept at getting under fencing.

• Deer don’t like getting trapped: Deer, when faced with a short fence they can easily jump over, will not jump if there is a place they could get stuck in. People are finding a double fence works well at protecting areas of their yard. With a four-foot-tall fence surrounded by another four-foot tall fence with four feet between the two, you’ve got a short fence deer won’t breach. Plant some deer proof shrubs in the space between the fences and it’s even more effective!

• Deer remember: Deer have a good memory. They know where the best food choices are in town. If your yard is offering up a smorgasbord of goodies, deer will come and they will return. The plus side is they also remember any bad stuff, like getting sprayed by water or getting a static shock in your yard. It’s called conditioning. And using a motion detector sprayer or electronic deer repellent will condition the deer to stay away from the area.

• Homemade repellents sometimes work, but not for long: With homemade concoctions like rotten egg and hot sauce, they only work as long as they aren’t totally dry or washed away. With deer repellent products, like Deer Off, you get the same repelling qualities in a long-lasting formula, up to 3 months with just one application.

• Even the long-lasting deer repellents need reapplied: If you’ve experienced heavy rain or it’s been about 3 months, it’s time to reapply.

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