From One Cucumber to a Full Crop

Two years ago, our son asked me if I could help him build a garden. My wife has gardening experience but in a completely different climate, so my son and I started reading up on how to go about building and then growing his garden. We put literally hundreds of hours into it, spending entire weekends and most evenings building, filling, fertilizing, planting, watering, weeding and generally babying our garden.

What we were not at all prepared for was the inundation of not only insect pests, but also animal pests. We apparently have a thriving community of squirrels and deer along with an occasional rabbit in our area. Because we were not prepared, we almost lost our entire garden, and netted only one cucumber out of the whole plot. Not only were we disappointed, but our son was as well. We couldn’t let this happen again, so we asked around and found out that your Critter Ridder® granules are extremely helpful when trying to keep animals out of a garden.

Last year we started our garden yet again, this time taking measure to keep bugs and other pests out of it. We sprinkled Critter Ridder® all along the garden and continued to take good care of our plants. The difference was practically comical. Instead of stumpy stalks and missing veggies, we had beautiful plants with vegetables and fruit growing happily along! We were all really nervous that a few granules weren’t going to be enough to keep these large critters out of our garden, but clearly Havahart® has created a product that does exactly the job it promises.

We are already using Critter Ridder® granules again this year and expect the same result. Thank you for giving our garden a chance to produce the food it was intended to produce and for the people it was intended to produce for. Our son and our family thanks you, for Critter Ridder®!

Image: UGArdener

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  • Ellen Brommelhorst

    Where can you buy Critter Ridder?

    • 12:29 am - March 22, 2012

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    • Havahart®

      Hi Ellen,

      We have a “where to buy” page on our website where you can enter your zip code and find the closest retailer to you, here: http://www.havahart.com/customerservice/where-to-buy. We suggest giving them a call about a specific product.


      Your Friends at Havahart®

      • 9:12 am - March 22, 2012

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