Chippy the Chipmunk

At my old job location there was a good amount of forest in the back that was completely filled with all sorts of wildlife. I have never ever seen so many different animals in one spot anywhere I have ever lived; amazing is the right word actually.

I have seen many raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, snakes, big spiders, dason flies—which come out from the water just once per year to mate—and even hawks, big ones and babies. While I was there for 7 years, I made friends with a chipmunk, I named him Chippy, and he would even come all the way to my shoe when I was on break sitting on a bucket and calling for him. It would take him about 3-5 minutes to peek out, check around and make his way to me from the edge of the woods.

One time I walked to him instead and found him hiding ( as shown in my picture ) looking oh-so cute and making funny noises as if he was talking to me. I miss him a lot now that I am not around that area anymore and my bet is he is missing me just as much! We were good friends for such a long time.

Sometimes I want to just go over there and take him home with me, but I know that’s against the rules of nature. I love him no matter where he may be at now, I just hope he is save and happy with his family there in the woods.

I did break one rule just once, that was to feed him, but not nuts! I fed him a fresh warm doughnut (ssshhh don’t kiss and tell the baker!) and he sat there munching away while I was having one of my own. Awe, I am missing my little wildlife friend—hugs, Chippy!


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  • Judy griffith

    Such a very cute story. people do not realizel, wild life no matter what it is. brings you so much joy. My friend from RMCA yesterday, called me. was bringing me litter for my ratties;. Said she found a wild norway baby in the parking lot of her work. People told her about him. Lunch time she went out there to get him. gave him food and water. he was thristing and straving. brought him to my house. was ready to keep him. Poor little baby was about 2 mos; old. so hungry and thristy . was living in the parking area trying to live. took him out . He sqeaked. Put him him the huge aquarium I had set up fo him. My frined carried 3 – 50 pound bags of litter upstairs for me; I gave her a 20.00 tip to do this. went back to check on the wild baby rat. He was dead. I really think he felt like. he was in a safe place, and new he could let go and pass. I gave him a bunch of kisses. and buried him under my alvacado plant. He is now in peace. Poor litdtle baby, got 4 kisses from me. He is now in heaven. Judy Griffith.

    • 3:02 am - February 10, 2012

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  • Judy griffith

    Wild LIfe is so hard sometimes. You want to love them. protect them. and give them a good life. I would cry a river of tears, if somethiing ever happened to wild life that I dealed with. My big Daddy the raven came back to me after being gone for 5 months. I love that BIrd.

    Judy Griffith

    • 1:32 am - February 14, 2012

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