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An Armadillo’s Reign of Destruction

Last year we had an armadillo that was causing a large amount of damage in the yard over our septic field. Every morning, we’d wake up to more and more holes all over our yard. At first we tried a lot of homespun remedies that yielded absolutely no results other than more holes. Then we found out our neighbor was staying up late at night with a rifle trying to catch it in the act and kill it. My husband and I both felt this was extreme and went searching for an option that was safer and kinder.

That’s when we discovered Havahart®’s products and immediately purchased a live trap from them. I wish we had known about their products before we went through the agony and stress leading up to that point. We asked our neighbor to stop trying to shoot it and let him know that help was on the way.

After weeks of trying to catch it in the act, we were able to set up the Havahart® Easy-Set® Large Raccoon Trap. At first we didn’t have any luck, but then decided to fence off the yard with chicken wire except for a small opening where we placed the trap. Now, the only entry to our yard was “through” the trap. Early one morning my husband was heading out to work and it saw him and scared it right into the trap! It was a great day for us! We were able to safely remove the armadillo from our yard and relocate him to a wooded area outside of the city limits.

I highly recommend these traps for anyone that wants to remove a pest without causing undue harm. We are so grateful for Havahart® and the products they sell that encourage humane removal of pests.

Image: Rich Anderson

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