Which Critters Are Bad for Your Plants?

Which Critters Are Bad for Your Plants?

Rarely does a day go by at the greenhouse that at least one customer doesn’t ask about which animals are bad for your plants. Chances are, just about any animal that visits your garden is looking for something to eat, which places those plants you’ve worked so hard to grow in jeopardy. I thought it would be helpful to offer some information about which critters are bad for your plants, as well as how to keep them away with Havahart® Spray Away™.

The Short List of Which Animals Are Bad for Your Plants

While the list of animals that can harm your plants can vary based on the types of plants you grow and your geographic region, here are some of the more common critter culprits:

Deer – Deer are delicate-looking yet destructive four-legged creatures, and one deer can wipe out a garden in short order. Deer eat many different types of green plants and non-woody perennials, but to a hungry deer, few plants in your garden are considered off-limits.

Rabbits – Despite their small size, a wild rabbit can eat up to a pound of green vegetation in a day. They also love flowers, particularly tulips, and a wide variety of vegetables.

Raccoons – While these masked bandits may be best known for raiding trashcans, they’re not shy about invading gardens in search of food. They enjoy a wide variety of vegetable- and fruit-producing plants such as berries, persimmons and corn.

Squirrels – Squirrels don’t just forage for nuts and acorns for winter storage. When these primary food sources are unavailable, squirrels will help themselves to your fruits, vegetables and flowering plants.

Groundhogs – Groundhogs are burrowing creatures that can do damage above ground as well as below. They eat a variety of wild plants such as clover and alfalfa, but they’ll also eat your garden plants, especially when they’re in the process of “fattening up” for their long winter hibernation.

The assortment of critters that are bad for your plants can also include opossums, skunks and rodents — and even dogs and cats have been known to eat a plant or two on occasion.

Keep All Critters Away with Havahart® Spray Away™

I recently recommended Havahart® Spray Away™ to a customer who was having an issue with deer eating her garden plants. She installed the motion-activated sprinkler just outside her garden and attached it to her water supply.

She watched — with a great deal of pleasure, I might add — as an approaching deer was frightened away by the sudden burst of water that was unleashed when the device’s infrared sensor detected its presence. She no longer has a deer problem, and her plants are thriving like never before!

Regardless of which critters are bad for your plants, Havahart® Spray Away™ is an excellent solution for keeping them away!