Getting Rid of Animal Tunnels in the Yard

Getting Rid of Animal Tunnels in the Yard

Have you noticed the presence of tunnels in lawn areas of your property? It could be a sign of potentially harmful mole or groundhog activity.

Moles and groundhogs are burrowing critters that build extensive tunnel networks that can eventually cause damage to crops and plants — and even the foundation of your home! When it comes to keeping these nuisance animals out of your yard, an effective critter repellent like Havahart® Spray AwayTM can be your best defense!

What Do Moles Do to Your Lawn?

Moles use their hand-like front paws to dig in your lawn in search of grubs and worms. If you notice mole tunnels in lawn areas, as evidenced by those infamous mounds of dirt known as molehills, you may soon be experiencing issues such as unsightly brown spots or an uneven, lumpy-looking lawn. Your landscaping plants and shrubs may also begin to wither and die. Mole and groundhog tunnels in your lawn can become home to other unwanted pests such as mice and snakes.

Getting Rid of Groundhog Tunnels

Groundhog tunnels are indicated by the presence of large openings about a foot across. Groundhog tunnels typically have separate entrances and exits, so there is likely to be a second hole nearby. You can eliminate the tunnels by filling in the entrance and exit holes with dirt and packing it down. If you repeat the process for several days, the animals may eventually leave.

Keeping Moles and Groundhogs Away

A good way to prevent moles, groundhogs and other nuisance critters from entering your property is to use Havahart® Spray AwayTM. This is a motion-activated sprinkler device that easily attaches to your water supply. The built-in infrared sensor detects the presence of anything that walks or crawls, and lets loose with a powerful and unexpected burst of water. It can be somewhat amusing to watch a startled animal do an abrupt “about-face”, especially when you know that you are protecting your property without harming the critter.

Havahart® Spray TM Away in Action

A friend of mine recently purchased a property that had a history of groundhog infestation. As soon as he moved in, he filled in all the groundhog tunnel entrances and exits he could find and installed two Havahart® Spray AwayTM devices at either end of his lawn. He’s been there for nearly two years, and he hasn’t seen one burrow in his lawn!

If you notice signs of mole or groundhog activity, act quickly before major damage to your property occurs!

Image: dwblakey

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