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Squirrel Proofing Your Yard: How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Garden
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All About Squirrels - Yard Protection


Though squirrels are small, they can do a lot of damage to your yard and even your home.  To keep them out, try the below exclusion tips.  If you think you may have a problem, squirrel repellents and live traps are the way to go.




Yard Protection


Yard Protection


Since most squirrels are active throughout the day you can easily observe areas where they spend most of their time.


This will help when deciding the best control options to keep squirrels from damaging your yard and gardens.



Critter Library - squirrel eatingSquirrel Exclusion


Squirrels are difficult to exclude from a yard or garden since they are excellent climbers. In order to keep squirrels from damaging small trees, protect them with garden netting.


For larger trees that are more difficult to cover, use a wide collar made of sheet metal or plexiglass. Make the sheet metal about 2 feet wide and position it around the bottom of the tree, make sure to leave enough room for tree growth.


Another way to keep squirrels from damaging trees is to cut branches off the tree.


If squirrels manage to get into your home's attic through an opening in your roof, particulary in the soffit or roof vent, your best method of preventing them from re-entering is to use exclusion.


Fix the opening and any weathered areas that squirrels could easily chew through and gain access to your home. Note: Just be sure that you have removed all of the squirrels before pursuing this option.







Squirrel Repellents


A good alternative to physical barriers, a squirrel repellent is an affordable way to keep squirrels from damaging your yard and garden.


Havahart® Critter Ridder® is a pepper based, OMRI® Listed, deterrent that is available in both liquid and granular applications. Critter Ridder® can be used indoors (granular) and outdoors (granular and liquid). One application of Critter Ridder® works as a squirrel repellent up to 30 days.


Critter Library - Deer Off II squirrel repellent


Deer Off® is a patented dual deterrent that repels by scent and taste. Our new battery operated sprayer makes covering larger areas easy without having sore wrists or arms.


Are squirrels digging up your flower bulbs? Deer Off® concentrate formula also offers bulb protection by dipping bulbs prior to planting.


An electronic repellent can also be useful in severely populated areas and is easy-to-use, convenient and quick. Motion and heat sensors trigger a blast of water and scare the animals from your property. Spray Away is an electronic repellent from Havahart®.







Squirrel Traps


A well-positioned Havahart® live animal cage trap along with a tempting squirrel treat will make the trapping task simple. Unique safety features make this the ideal trapping solution. When attempting to trap a squirrel, place the trap along the path the squirrel takes to your garden, home or other area where you do not want them.Critter Library - Easy Set squirrel trap


Humane Havahart® squirrel traps come in a variety of styles and sizes including our new Easy Set® live animal cage trap which is ideal for the first time trapper. Before trapping check state and game regulations regarding squirrel traps within your state.


Check out our recommended squirrel baits for a more successful trapping experience!







havahart squirrel control solutionsHavahart® offers a variety of squirrel repellents and squirrel traps to help you with your squirrel control needs.



Animal Repelling FAQs

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