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How To Deter, Stop & Get Rid Of Squirrels | Squirrel Control FAQ
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All About Squirrels - FAQs


The gray squirrel is the most common squirrel, inhabiting over 2/3 of the United States. They come in a variety of colors, from pure black to pure white, and all shades in between. The squirrel's tail plays an important role in communication, locomotion and insulation.

Their ideal habitat is a forest of oak, beech, and hickory trees which provide food and natural cover. 












Q:  I have noticed squirrels in my yard and think that they're in my attic,
      too. What can I do to drive them out?


A:  The Sonic Pest Chaser that is used for mice and rats may work for squirrels since they are a member of the rodent family.

For more information on this type of product please visit the rodent control section under sister products.



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Q:  How far away should I take a live trapped squirrel so that it doesn't
      return to the house?


A:  It is recommended that you take a squirrel at least 3 miles away and preferably over a body of water or a major highway.



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Q:  How do I combat squirrels at the bird feeder?


A:  The key factor in the location of the feeder is to challenge the squirrel to get to it.


One option includes using a 10' high free standing pole away from squirrel launch pads, such as fences, sheds, roof tops, trees etc. Keep in mind that squirrels are able to jump about 4' vertically.


Another suggestion is to grease the pole so they are unable to get a grip to climb up it.


Hanging the bird feeder on a rope that contains plastic film canisters that spin is sometimes able to prevent the most acrobatic of squirrels from reaching your feeders.



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Q:  Is there a type of seed that squirrels do not like?


A:  There are several methods you can try to discourage squirrels at the bird feeder. Squirrels do not particularly care for safflower seed. Mixing cayenne pepper in the bird seed will deter the squirrels from eating them and is not harmful to the birds.


Creating a routine where you place a handful of seeds out at a time, enough for the birds to quickly eat. The birds will then begin to adjust to your schedule and will soon be waiting for you. Avoid putting out food that is desired by the squirrel such as peanuts, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds are very well liked.


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Q:  What else can I do to prevent squirrels from damaging the feeders?


A: Another method would be to provide the squirrels with their own feeders. This method is in hopes that with their own food source, they will be too busy to pay attention to the bird feeders.



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Q:  Do squirrels live in holes in trees or do they build nests and is
      that where they live year round?


A:  There are actually different kinds of squirrels. A majority of squirrels live in trees, but there are ground squirrels that generally live in the western areas of the United States.



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Q:  I've been trying to trap a squirrel with your live cage trap. It's not
      working. What can I do?


A:  Make sure you put the trap close to the point of entrance. Another suggestion would be to set the trap outside. Placing it on the side of the house that they are getting in would be the place. Some people have better luck trapping outside. Read more trapping tips.


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Q:  Should I use mothballs to drive the squirrels out of my house or attic?


A:  The scent of the mothballs can deter squirrels, but they can be toxic if the squirrel tastes or touches it. I recommend using other methods to drive squirrels out.


The Victor® Sonic Pest Chaser will deter any rodents from coming into your attic. (Be careful if you have rodent pets such as hamsters or guinea pigs.)


Once the squirrels leave, you'll need to keep them out.

If you do use mothballs, I recommend placing them in a sock tied tightly.


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havahart squirrel control solutionsHavahart® offers a variety of squirrel repellents and squirrel traps to help you with your squirrel control needs.



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