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Identifying Raccoon Damage Caused By Raccoons In Yard
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All About Raccoons - Identify Damage

Raccoons can damage your property and your home. Learn how to see if these masked bandits are the root of your problem below, and be sure to check out our raccoon repellents and raccoon trap options to help minimize this damage.




Identify Damage


Identify Raccoon Damage


Raccoons are at the top of the list of wildlife that destroy vegetable gardens. They also are notorious for raiding bird feeders at night as well as garbage cans.


Critter Library - Raccoon small

With this in mind, it is no wonder raccoons will consume nearly anything including aquatic animals, fruits, nuts, grains, small mammals, birdseed and garbage. Raccoons' amazing dexterity allows them to open eggs, doors, jars, bottles and latches.


Raccoons can be easily identified by the way they communicate with a variety of whimpers, whines, squeals, screams, and purrs.


Also, tracks are easily identifiable since they have five toes on each foot and longer toes on the hind feet. The front foot resembles that of a hand. If you're lucky, the ground was damp and there is a clear footprint in the mud. If not, the easiest way is to sprinkle the hard surface with flour and the prints will show up.






Property damage


There are Critter Library - Raccoon_overturned_garbageseveral tell tale signs that you have a raccoon damaging your property. Areas of damage include tipped over trash cans, pilfered gardens, damaged crops (particularly sweet corn), hollowed out watermelons (having small holes dug in them and their contents scraped out), and freshly laid sod that has been rolled up and searched for grub worms.






House damage


Raccoons will often seek to gain entrance into houses and outbuildings through attics and chimneys. Uncapped chimneys are becoming more attractive dens than the traditional tree hollow. This will often cause plugged chimneys and a back draft.


Often raccoons will tear off shingles, chew holes in soffit or facia boards in order to gain access to an attic. The raccoon is able to climb close hanging tree limbs and jump to the house to gain access as well.







havahart raccoon control solutionsHavahart® offers a variety of raccoon control solutions such as raccoon repellents and raccoon traps to help you with your raccoon control needs.



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