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rabbit control

All About Rabbits - Identify Damage


Wild rabbits can do considerable damage to flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs any time of the year, especially in places such as suburban yards, rural fields and tree plantations.


Rabbit repellents and rabbit traps can help keep the damage to a minimum. Repellents can help to prevent rabbit damage by deterring the critters from entering your yard or garden. Live traps allow you to capture and remove nuisance rabbits effectively and humanely.




Identify Damage  


Identify Rabbit Damage


Wild rabbits often get the blame for damage in the garden or yard, but this is not always the case. Deer enjoy many of the same food sources as wild rabbits. Squirrels, rodents, raccoons and even neighborhood dogs and cats are also notorious yard and garden pets. There are a few telltale signs that can help you determine whether you’re experiencing wild rabbit damage.


Wild rabbits usually strip bark off of young trees only a short distance, approximately 2.5 feet, above the ground. Rabbit damage can be identified by a clean, angled cut on the end of leaves. This differs from deer damage, which is signified by plants with a ragged and torn appearance.

Critter Library - Rabbit damage


Another way to identify whether a rabbit is the cause of the leaf damage is to look at the tracks. Wild rabbits have five toes on the front feet and four toes on the back. The length of a running cottontail measures about one foot in length. You can also check for rabbit droppings, which take the form of small round balls that resemble chocolate chips.


Visual identification is often the best way to verify the presence of rabbits on your property. The best time to spot rabbits is at dawn and dusk, which is their preferred feeding time. You may also find rabbit nests in tall grass that has not been mowed recently.





havahart rabbit control solutionsHavahart® offers a variety of rabbit control solutions such as rabbit repellents and rabbit traps to help you with your rabbit control needs. Havahart® products provide an effective and humane way to eliminate rabbit damage to your yard or garden, once and for all!



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