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Rabbit Control: All About Trapping Wild Rabbits - Facts From Havahart
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rabbit control, trapping rabbits, traps for trapping rabbits

All About Wild Rabbits - Facts


Seeing a bunny in the yard is a cute sign of spring, but humane rabbit control is important because wild rabbits can do considerable damage.  They can damage flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs any time of the year, especially in suburban yards, rural fields and tree plantations. Knowing how to conrol wild rabbits is essential for preventing the damage they can cause.  Trapping rabbits with a live trap is one of the most humane methods of rabbit control.






General Wild Rabbit Facts


Cottontail rabbits are found in every state in the U.S., as far north as southern Canada and south into Central America.


Critter Library - Rabbit in grass, rabbit control, trapping rabbitsWild rabbits live an average of 2 years. Fully grown, they typically weigh 2 to 3 pounds and are less than 12" long.


Wild rabbits eat flowers and vegetables, damaging trees and shrubs by clipping stems, buds and small branches and by girdling larger trees.  Keep your garden and landscape protected by trapping nuisance rabbits with Havahart® rabbit traps and repellents. Rabbit control is essential or they will control your yard.


Where to Buy Rabbit Traps and Repellents That Really Work

Havahart® offers a variety of rabbit control solutions such as rabbit repellents for keeping away rabbits and rabbit live animal cage traps for trapping rabbits. Control rabbits and protect your yard and garden from wild rabbit damage.





Wild Rabbit Reproduction


In early spring, cottontails begin to reproduce. A female rabbit can produce three or four litters a year, with four to six young per litter. Over a five year period, a single pair of cottontails and their kin would number around 350,000. Obviously, rabbit control is necessary or they would overtake our yards and gardens.





Wild Rabbit Habitat


Wild rabbits prosper in a variety of habitats, where an abundance of natural cover to hide, nest and eat is available.  Cottontails are most active at dawn and dusk.  Pay attention to where and when rabbits appear in your yard - it'll help you plan your rabbit control methods of trapping rabbits or using rabbit repellents.





Wild Rabbit Diet


Critter Library - Rabbit diet, rabbit control, trapping rabbits

Wild rabbits are herbivores. Their diet is 90% grass, but they'll eat almost any type of vegetable in the summer.


Grasses, broadleaf weeds, garden crops, beans, peas, cabbage and lettuce are all favorites. In the winter wild rabbits will eat tree buds, twigs and bark.


By trapping wild rabbits and using other methods of rabbit control, you can keep them out of your garden "buffet".








havahart rabbit control solutions, cages for trapping rabbitsHavahart® has the rabbit control you need, including repellents and humane rabbit traps. Enjoy more success with trapping nuisance rabbits by using our bait suggestions. In addition to repelling or trapping rabbits, we also offer helpful exclusion tips, another effective method of rabbit control.




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