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Solution For Deer Problems In Your Garden: Deer Proofing & Protection | Havahart
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All About Deer - Control Options


From spray repellents, to electronic repellents and water repellents, Havahart® has a variety of solutions for any deer problem.  Learn about each below.





Control Options  


Deer Control Options

Looking for a way to keep deer out of your flowers, bulbs or vegetables? Havahart® has the following suggestions to help you decide the best control option for you.


Deer Repellents


Critter Library - Deer Control Options


A deer repellent is a good alternative to a physical barrier and can also be less expensive.


Havahart® Deer Off® provides a 1, 2 punch by repelling deer by scent and taste. This patented dual deterrent is available in ready-to-use or economical concentrate formulas.


Havahart® Deer Off® keeps deer from browsing on plants, flowers and hedges for 2-3 months. More frequent application may be necessary for heavy pressure areas.


An electronic deer repellent can also be useful and is easy-to-use, convenient and quick. The Havahart® electronic deer repellent uses a unique patented technology that attracts deer to posts with a lure scent. Then it harmlessly repels deer from your yard or garden with a mild electronic shock.



A motion activated water repellent is also a useful way to protect vegetable gardens and shrubs from marauding night time visitors. Easy-to-use, convenient and quick, Spray Away has motion and heat sensor triggers that detect an animal near by. Similar to a sprinkler, once activated, the electronic valve releases 3 seconds of spray from an attached hose.






Deer Exclusion


If deer are hungry enough they will jump a fence for food, but more than likely that will walk through them, which is why if you are Critter Library - Deer Exclusionusing a fence to keep deer out of you yard, it needs to be sturdy, electrified or a combination of both.


By building an eight feet or higher fence with an electric wire at the top, deer will learn quickly to move on.


Fi-Shock®, one of Havahart's sister brands, offers a wide variety of electric fencing solutions that can help you keep deer off your property.





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havahart mice control solutionsHavahart® offers deer control solutions such as
deer repellents to help you with your
deer control needs.




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