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live animal trapping tips

Expert's Corner
Animal Trapping Tips


Live trapping is an effective animal control alternative that is both humane and earth-friendly. Whether you are successful in catching a live animal depends on choosing the right bait and location among other factors.





1st Time


Havahart® brings you expert live trapping tips for first time trapping, inside trapping, outside trapping, and feral cat live trapping that will make the task simple! Live trapping allows for the safe relocation of unwanted critters.


First Time Trapping


animal trapping

Havahart® recommends that you contact the Humane Society, or the local or state game commission before setting a trap to determine the lawful method of releasing a captured wild or nuisance animal. Many species are protected by law in various states.


The following tips should be used when preparing to live catch your nuisance animal:





Testing the Trap


Following the instructions contained in the carton, you may want to test the trap and spring it a few times to make sure that it works properly. For example, spring it by touching the trip plate from each end.


This should be done also after the trap has been set and camouflaged to make sure it works freely. If you feel the doors do not work fast enough, place small stones or other weights on top of the door. This will cause doors to drop faster.






Tips for New Traps


When you receive the trap it will be pristine and new. Do not be discouraged if you do not catch animals within the first few days. The effectiveness of Havahart® traps improves as they age.


So instead of setting the trap to catch the first animal to come along, bait the trap, or simply place it where you intend to set it and fasten the doors open by means of a stick or wire.


After a couple of days, when you notice the bait has been disturbed or taken, it is time to set the trap.






Camouflaging your Trap


Camouflaging the trap is an effective means to entice the animal.


Place twigs and leaves all over the trap to remove a lot of the glare from the trap. You can even spray it with water and throw dirt on it to give it a conditioned look.


Animals will not be discouraged from entering the trap by the smell of your handling the trap or from supposed machine/oil odors in the manufacturing process.








havahart expert trapping tipsAll Havahart® live animal traps are constructed of sturdy wire mesh that is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Order a live trap today.



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