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animal repelling FAQs

Expert's Corner - Animal Repelling FAQs


Nothing can be more disheartening than working so hard to have a lush, green yard and abundant garden only to find deer, rabbits, and other critters devouring your plants and destroying your yard.


Havahart® brings you expert tips for repelling animals from your yard or garden so you can have a beautiful yard and a bountiful harvest.  We also give you tips regarding careful use of our repellent sprays and concentrate products.







Animal Repelling FAQs






Answers to Animal Repelling FAQs


Q: If I have a clogged sprayer, what should I use/do?


A:  Rinse the sprayer with clear water, until all dry pieces of repellent are gone. To prevent future clogs, always shake repellents vigorously before spraying. Shaking the product ensures that the active repellent ingredients, which have settled to the bottom, go back into flowing solution before the sprayer is activated. With only flowable material going into the sprayer, you can significantly reduce clogging in the dip tube and sprayer head.


Be sure to rinse the sprayer after each use.






Q: Will liquid repellents work in cold temperatures? 


A:  Yes - If the product is sprayed before temperatures drop below 40 degrees.


A liquid repellent can freeze and can cause damage to the plant, if sprayed on a plant at temperatures below 40 degrees.


In the winter months, use granular repellent to keep critters away.






Q: Can I use Deer Repellents on deciduous trees?


A:  Yes. Use as directed. Some deciduous trees may be sensitive and some leaf drop may occur initially without permanent harm to the tree. Test in a small area and wait 24 hours before full application.






Q: Do I need to reapply animal repellents after it rains?


A:  Yes, if there was a heavy downpour or within 24 hours of spraying.


Liquid Repellents - If spray is used in wet conditions or in damp, cold, foggy or misty, weather, or if precipitation occurs before spray can dry, protection may be partially or completely lost. Reapply after heavy rain.


Granular Repellents - More frequent application may be necessary during periods of heavy, prolonged rainfall.






Q: Can Deer Off® be sprayed on vegetables?


A:  No, do not spray Deer Off® directly on vegetables. Use this product as a perimeter treatment to keep the deer away instead.






Q: How long after spraying do repellents need to dry to be effective?


A:  Repellents start to work immediately after spraying. If it rains within 24 hours of application, the repellent may not remain effective and it should be reapplied.






Q: Will the Havahart® repellents kill grass?


A:  No. As with all liquids & watering in general, do not spray any plants in the peak heat of the day. This will protect plants from burning from the sun.






Q: Can I spray repellents on buildings?


A:  No. Do not spray liquid repellents directly on building surfaces. To protect building structures, use a granular repellent as a perimeter barrier.






Q: Is it okay to spray repellents on all flowers?


A:  Yes, use as directed. Some sensitive varieties may be restricted but generally, Havahart® repellents can be be used on flowers.


When using a repellent for the first time, it is always a good idea to test the product in a small area and wait 24 hours before large scale application.






Q: How long until I can see results for a repellent?


A:  Deer Off®, Critter Ridder®, and DeFence® by Havahart® repellents dry quickly and begin repelling immediately.


Deer Off®, the premium repellent from Havahart® with a taste and odor deterrent, last up to 3 months. Other Havahart® repellents last up to a month after application.






Q: What is the best type of sprayer to use for the concentrated forms?


A:  50 mesh in-line screen and a diaphragm pump would be the best configuration to try. Also, the higher the pressure the more likely to blind the screen so about 150-250 psi might be a good range for the pressure.






Q: What should I use to repel the rabbits in my yard?


A:  DeFence® by Havhart® is specifically formulated to repell rabbits. It is sold in both granular and liquid forms for total yard protection.






Q: What should I use to keep the squirrels out of my birdfeeders?


A:  Critter Ridder® is a good choice to discourage the raiding of bird feeders by squirrels. To use, wet area around bird feeder, including pole, branches and tree trunk. The bird feeder can be sprayed directly to enhance repellency.


To test for staining of wooden or plastic birdfeeders, test spray an inconspicuous area prior to treating entire feeder. Use spray setting for feeder and stream setting for all other areas.


Apply 0.10 oz. (approximately 3 full trigger sprays) per square foot.* More frequent application may be necessary during periods of heavy, prolonged rainfall.






Q: Do I have to rotate repellents so that animals don’t get used to the


A:  There are no studies currently available that show whether rotating animal repellents will increase their effectiveness in deterring animals.






Q: Is Deer Off all natural and organic?


A:  Deer Off® comes from Havahart®, a company dedicated to providing a wide spectrum of caring control solutions for pets and wildlife. Deer Off® Ready-to-Use is the only OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute), dual-deterrent deer repellent on the market and is compliant for use in organic gardening.


OMRI Listed® is important because the organization provides a rigorous independent review of the manufacturing process to give you confidence that the products with the OMRI Listed® logo can be used for organic gardening..






Q: I live in a rainy climate, will Deer Off® work in my wet neck of the


A:  Deer Off® deer repellent is long lasting, even in wet weather. With typical weather conditions, Deer Off® will last up to three months—and stand up to your deer. If you experience heavy, frequent downpours, you may need to apply earlier.






Q: If I spray Deer Off® in my yard, will the deer go into my neighbors'


A:  Yes, it's quite possible that the deer will move into your neighbors' yards where they do not detect the scent of Deer Off®.





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