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animal repelling tips - Critter Ridder

Expert's Corner - Animal Repelling Tips - Critter Ridder®


Nothing can be more disheartening than working so hard to have a lush, green yard and abundant garden only to find deer, rabbits, and other critters devouring your plants and destroying your yard.


Havahart® brings you expert tips for repelling animals from your yard or garden so you can have a beautiful yard and a bountiful harvest. We also give you tips regarding careful use of our repellent sprays and concentrate products.





Critter Ridder®


Tips to Consider When Applying Critter Ridder®


Critter Ridder® comes in both liquid and granular formulas to keep away nuisance animals from your garden, landscape and home. It repels Raccoons, Chipmunks, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Dogs, Cats and Skunks.

  • Use around birdfeeders to prevent squirrels and other small animals from raiding the birdfeeders.

  • Use on landscaped areas, lawns & flower gardens and ornamentals to keep animals from digging and destroying these areas.

  • Some wild animals look for shelter in people's homes because it is dry, safe and warm. Use one of the Havahart® traps to remove the animal from your home then sprinkle Critter Ridder® around the perimeter to prevent return visits.

  • Use around garbage cans and garbage bags to keep raccoons and other animals from getting into them. Additionally, we recommend you fasten the lid securely with rope, bungee cords, chains, or even weights placed on the lid. Finally, store your garbage can in a shed and make sure the shed door is closed securely, otherwise, the raccoon will surely find its way inside the shed and right to your garbage cans!

  • Critter Ridder® works up to 30 days!




havahart expert trapping tipsHavahart® offers a variety of Critter Ridder® to help you with your critter control needs.



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